Creating your Mobster

There are now four styles to choose from when starting a new Myspace Mobsters game; Nightowl, Soldato, Mogul and Renegade. Each style will allow you to perform your specialty 10% faster than the other, except for the Renegade which gives a small bonus to each category.

  • Nightowl = Bulletproof Mobsters = Heal 10% faster
  • Soldato = Insomniac Mobsters = Gain Energy 10% faster
  • Mogul = Tycoon Mobsters = Gain Hourly Income 10% faster
  • Renegade = New Mobster = Gain small bonus in health, energy and income

The style you choose depends on the strategy you plan to take in the game. If you plan on being a mobster who attacks a lot, you may find that Nightowl is the better style. Soldato may be best if you want the ability to collect more money and experience through the completion of missions. Mogul allows you to generate wealth quicker, if that is your goal.

Keep in mind that you can buy health, however it can become rather expensive in the higher levels. Energy can be replenished with Favor Points, which will be discussed later. You can also use Favor Points for money which is helpful in the lower levels.

You start with $2000 which should be used to arm your mobster family. Play smart and make sure to get the weapons you need to do the missions you plan on accomplishing.


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