Complete Myspace Mobsters Strategy Guide

Includes up to date new Myspace Mobsters Achievements List with platinum achievements. Mobsters equipment list and mission list help plan your strategy. Learn how to beat the BETA ambush missions. Myspace Mobsters complete strategy and achievement guide!

Myspace Mobsters is a web application similar to Mob Wars for Facebook (now you can play Facebook Mobsters - Mobsters for Facebook). It has become a very popular application among men and women of all ages and is considered by many to be highly addicting. Making sure you make it to the bank before you get attacked and possibly lose money may keep you up till the early hours of the morning. Dreaming about Mobsters is common and you may find yourself awake at the computer during the middle of the night to do a mission and bank your money. You've been warned!

Everything you need to know to get your Myspace Mobster (or Facebook Mobster) off to a great start is here. All the information included here was gathered from Mobsters who've been testing the application along with valuable tips from Mobsters who've been playing since day one. With the knowledge you gather here, Made Man status is just around the corner!

Mobsters Christmas items - Santa's hat and more!

Do the missions below to get the Santa Hat and other Christmas related weapons. Happy Holidays!

MissionChristmas Reward
Residential Burglary
Santa Hat
Loot a Weapons Cache
Santas Helper
Convenience Store Robbery
Poisoned Eggnog
Unregistered Weapons Procurement
Exploding Fruitcake
Pimp My Ride & Grand Theft Auto
Bank Robbery
Holiday Bonus
Kidnapping and Ransom
Ho Ho Hitman

Mobsters Web Savvy Achievement -

Are you wondering how to get the new Web Savvy achievement??

Head on over to and sign up. After you sign up, you will need to link your account to your Myspace account to receive the achievement (just follow the instructions). After you link your Myspace account to Playdom, you will also receive energy boost so make sure you complete a few missions before you sign up. To encourage you to go back everyday, Playdom has incorporated a daily lottery system. Click on the link labeled "Play Mobsters Now" to see what you've won for today.

Intercept A Casino Shipment on Mobsters

Your Mobster can now Intercept A Casino Shipment for a chance to receive one of seven, common, uncommon, and rare items. This new mission sucks up 14 favor points so collecting all seven items in the Cashier's Cage Collection will likely force you to go complete surveys, offers or pan out your hard earned cash to the Godfather. Hurry over and check out the Mobsters Intercept A Casino Shipment mission!

Common Items:
intercept a casino shipment

Attack: 3
Defense: 9
Steel Throwing Cards
Attack: 7
Defense: 11
Lucky Dice
Attack: 7
Defense: 11
Increases max health by 3

Uncommon Items:

Lamborghini Miura
Attack: 23
Defense: 11
Elvis Impersonator
Attack: 30
Defense: 10

Rare Items:

Silenced PP7
Attack: 37
Defense: 22
Ace of Spades Tattoo
1% increase in attack
5% increase in defense

Mobsters Tan Combat Boots, Teal and Warm-up Jackets

If you are a barefoot Mobsters on Myspace looking for an appropriate form of footwear for your mobster so you can fit back into society, run on over to Da Bronx and start doing the "Residential Burglary" mission. If you're lucky, you'll get the tan combat boots fairly quickly, otherwise, prepare to spend some energy because it may take you some time.

There are other rewards in addition to the tan combat boots. The teal jacket is for the female avatar and the warm-up jacket is for the male avatar. You can get all the rewards from both male and female avatars; no need to switch to the female to get the teal jacket if you want one so bad.

These items do not offer any additional benefit to your Mobster.

Get 50 FREE Friends to Grow your Mob on Myspace

Every Mobster on Myspace needs a bigger mob. Getting more mobsters means more police badges, ambulances, missions and property. Growing your mob doesn't have to be a daunting task.

Now you can quickly add 50 new mobsters to your Myspace mob by using the Friend Blaster Pro trial; and that's 50 new invites for each Mobster you have! Once you download the program, open it and locate an active Myspace group or forum that pertains to mobsters, then extract the ID's (completely automated). Start the program and watch how easy it is.

The full version of the Myspace friend adder software allows you to send the Myspace maximum of 400 friend requests per day; the trial is limited to 50 invites (but hey, that's 50 more than before!)

Mobsters update - Dragon Tattoo, Catskill Resort, KGB Assassin and more.

Many new features have been added to the Mobsters application which provide the opportunity to purchase new property, earn new vehicles, complete myspace mobsters saratoga springs spanew missions and earn an avatar tattoo. The Myspace Mobsters mission list has been updated to reflect the new missions with corresponding mastery rewards. The Mobsters equipment list has also been updated with the new equipment.

There are two new properties which are available if you have the money and two that you can get using energy by completing the new missions. When you Take Over a Catskill myspace mobsters catskill resortResort, you will earn a +2 increase in energy per resort (hardly worth it really). The Saratoga Springs Spa can be found by earning the mastery reward for taking over a Catskill Resort. The Saratoga Springs Spa property gives your mobster a 100 point increase in health (not bad).

myspace mobsters dragon tattoo for your avatarThe new avatar tattoo can be earned by following a sequence of missions. You start in Da Bronx and Become an Initiate of the Brotherhood, then head Outta Town to finish the next three missions to earn whats needed to Become a Member of the Brotherhood. Once you earn the Vatican Treasure, the Incan Gold Idol, and a Monk's Blessing, then you can head back to Da Bronx to earn your avatar Dragon Tattoo. The Mobsters Dragon Tattoo provides a 20% chance of fourth skill point on level up.

Mobsters Window-Pane Overcoat - Avatar Item

myspace mobsters window pane overcoat for your avatar

There is finally an avatar item for the defensive player in Myspace Mobsters. The Mobsters Window-Pane Overcoat comes with an attack of 9 and defense of 24. In addition, the overcoat adds a 10% chance of a spirited defense (1/2x damage) when attacked. All in all, the Window-Pane Overcoat on Mobsters isn't a bad deal for 12 favor points.

Check out the new Mobsters Safe-cracker henchman also. The Safe-cracker doesn't add any extra abilities but you may like adding another henchmen to your mob.

Mobsters Micro Uzi Pistol for your Avatar

mobsters micro uzi pistol

The Bandolier of Grenades sold out quickly today paving room for a new avatar item. The Micro Uzi Pistol for Mobsters has an attack strength of 33 and defense of 25.

The Mobsters Micro Uzi Pistol avatar abilities include a 2% increase in experience from winning fights and a 20% increase in mission experience and mob size bonus.

It's not a bad deal for an avatar item, however, it still doesn't compare to the annihilator! Equip your Myspace Mobster with the Micro Uzi Pistol before it sells out.

Myspace Mobsters Big Apple for iPhone / iPod

I know many of you have been waiting for this... Sorry to delay the Mobsters Big Apple Guide!

Now you can play Myspace Mobsters on your iPhone or iPod touch if you are running OS 2.2.1 or higher. Keep in mind that there is a nominal fee of $.99 before getting started in Mobsters : Big Apple.

To start, you will need to head to Da Bronx and "Steal an iPhone" to receive the codes necessary to start playing the app. Once you have the codes, simply download the Mobsters Big Apple application and enter the codes. Once installed, you will have two options; Link to Myspace or Create a Playdom account. Your choice is permanent so choose wisely. If you link the app to your Myspace account, you will have access to your Mobster on Myspace. If you create a Playdom account, you will start from scratch.

If you install the Mobsters Big Apple application, you will get 20 favor points and access to two new henchmen (also 30 hired guns ONLY if you create a new Playdom account/ID - NO hired guns are awarded if you link to your Myspace Mobster account)! There are also three new achievements that can be earned which allows your mobster the opportunity for six additional favor points for a total of 26 (well worth the $.99).

Once the Big Apple Mobsters app is installed, you will see a new mission on your iPhone/iPod where you receive text Messages from the Mysterious Mr. X (no real messages are sent). You must collect 10 messages before you are able to set up the "Meeting with Mr. X" where you earn the first henchmen, "Promise of Police Protection." After you have your police protection, you will need to start locating clues about the Location of Mr. X's Hideout. After you collect 10 clues (do the mission 10 times) you will be able to complete the mission "Raid on Mr. X's Hideout" where you earn the second henchmen, "Network of Informants." The missions that award henchmen can only be done once.

There are three new Mobsters Achievements that are available for Mobsters for iPhone. Receive one text message to earn the bronze Novice iPhone User achievement. Earn a "Promise of Police Protection" to earn the silver Intermediate iPhone User. Get a "Network of Informants" for the gold Expert iPhone User. In addition, once you connect to Mobsters via iPhone, you'll receive a 24/7 badge next to your name signifying that you can play Mobsters from anywhere you have your iPhone, 24/7.

Hopefully we have covered the important information pertaining to Mobsters Big Apple. Comment if you have questions!

Myspace Mobsters Type 56 Assault Rifle - Avatar Item

myspace mobsters type 56 assault rifle

The new avatar item for Myspace Mobsters is sure to go quick. The Type 56 Assault Rifle has an attack strength of 35 and a defense of 22. When you equip your avatar with this weapon, your mobster experiences a +2 XP from winning fights and a +50% increase in mission cash + mob size bonus.

This new Mobsters Limited Edition item is sure to go quick due to it's added avatar ability. Grab one quick if you want a chance to get one!

Myspace Mobsters Industrial Chainsaw - Avatar Item

myspace mobsters industrial chainsaw

The Myspace Mobsters Industrial Chainsaw for your avatar will definitely help those mobsters who want to level up faster. The Industrial Chainsaw, which is beefier than the original chainsaw, allows you to gain an extra experience point for every fight won. It also gives you 10% more experience per fight won and has an attack of 33 and defense of 22.

Like an avatar item should be, it gives an additional advantage to those who have it, unlike the black biker jacket. Now, it looks like the defensive players are waiting their turn for an appropriate avatar item to further their mobsters achievements.

Myspace Mobsters Black Biker Jacket

myspace mobsters black biker jacket

The avatar item, Mobsters Black Biker Jacket, which was recently released was a huge let down. Most assumed it would provide some sort of extra defense for your Mobster on Myspace, yet it has no special attributes (except attack 8 and defense 23). The Black Biker Jacket does nothing more than integrate fashion wars into Mobsters.

If you don't care to dress up your Mobster, don't waste your 12 favor points!

Myspace Mobsters Avatar Equipment - The Annihilator

myspace mobsters annihilator - annhilator - annihilator on mobstersThe Annihilator
+20% chance of dealing critical
hits in fights

Need more myspace mobster adds?

Mobsters Mini Game Cheat - Strafe a CEO's Motorcade Perfect Run

It's easy to achieve a perfect run on all the Myspace Mobsters mini games, including the new BETA "Ambush a Rival Don's Entourage" and the BETA "Strafe a CEO's Motorcade" mission. Earning the Mobsters achievements for the mini games can be had by following one simple cheat for Myspace Mobsters.

While playing the BETA mini games, continuously click the pause button. The clock will stop counting down, slowing the onslaught of vehicles while you mow them down. This mini game cheat allows you to kill one vehicle at a time ensuring a perfect run every time on all BETA mini games.

Check out this video on how to achieve a perfect run on BETA Strafe a CEO's Motorcade mini game and check out how to get a ton of Myspace Mobsters Adds the way the made men do.

Female Henchmen, New Avatar Equipment and Mobsters on Twitter and Facebook

More updates came out for Myspace Mobsters yesterday offering a nice array of new prizes, a way to learn about Mobsters updates on Twitter, and an announcement for the new Mobsters for Facebook.

First off, there are two missions in Da Bronx which allow you to get new pants for your avatar. You are offered different choices depending on the sex of your avatar and the pants offer no special abilities. There is also a new mission Downtown where you can get an 8-Gauge Shotgun for your avatar which will increase your experience when you do missions by 2%.

There are two new mini-game missions located Downtown, Ambush A Rival Don's Entourage (video) and Strafe A CEO's Motorcade (video). If you successfully complete the Strafe A CEO's Motorcade mission, which costs 1 favor point to try, you will be rewarded nicely with 3 hired guns, 20 skill points and a Limited Edition item - Metal Storm.

Another new mission for Father's Day has a hidden surprise in it also. The surprise, if you're lucky enough to get, will likely disappoint you. The Moll, the female henchman, female mobster, or whatever you want to call her has a whopping attack of 10 and defense of 8. Hardly worth trying for.


How to get a bigger mob. Grow your mob quick!

If you are not aware of mobsters add sites like Myspace Add Train or Spuko, you should check them out. These sites help you grow your mob to get allowing you to find other mobster adds. If you join the free add train at either of these sites and do nothing else, you may get five mob requests, that's probably pushing it. That means you must click to add people which is a very time consuming and tedious process. Alternatively, you could pay to join a mobsters train, however this can get rather costly and is short lived.

The best way to get mobsters is through the Myspace friend adding program, Friend Blaster Pro. The software allows you to extract Myspace IDs from various sources like forums or other mobster profiles, then it automates the entire adding process. The program can be run in the background allowing you to continue working while it adds all your new mobster friends. You will still be annoyed by the captcha warning, but enter your cell phone number and you'll be good to go. Friend Blaster Pro also has an unlimited option, making it possible to chain all your mobster accounts together during the adding process. Check it out. You now know the secret on how to grow your mob like many of the made men do.

After five days of never clicking to add a single person, this is what one profile experienced. If you send out the Mobsters invites, you will grow your mob 400+ mobsters per day.

Mobsters Mastery Rewards, New Equipment and Easy Ambushes

**Click to view the Myspace Mobsters mission list and mastery achievements.

There have been so many updates on Myspace Mobsters recently that keeping up has become a little difficult. However, we will continue to try and bring you updates as soon as possible so don't forget to bookmark us!

Click if you are interested in knowing the various Mobsters Mastery Rewards.

Click if you are curious about the stats on the new equipment including the myspace mobsters henchmen.

If you would like to learn how to beat the new Ambush missions, continue reading below.

There are three new Ambush missions, Ambush the Mayor, Ambush the Governor and Ambush the Head of State. Your goal is to prevent the onslaught of vehicular enemies from traversing the entire course, from one end to the other. To do this, you must buy guards and place them along the course with the limited money that you have to work with. The best guard to buy is the cheap starter unit, the Thug.

The first two missions are easy to complete. Check out the videos to learn how to get a perfect run on Ambush the Mayor and on Ambush the Head of State. The last mission, Ambush the Head of State, can get very difficult. There is a technique which has been proven to work and you can watch it on YouTube here, there's another one here, and another here. Keep in mind that this may not work for you so you may need to try a different strategy. You will likely need to utilize the upgrade feature and ensure that you sell the guards who are no longer active when fighting the boss.

Each mission allows your mobster to earn four skill points. You get one skill point for beating the mission, then more depending on how well you complete the mission. A perfect run will net you all four skill points. To determine whether or not you have earned all your skill points, check your mission list to see if it has "Skill Points: ?" listed in the payout section. Good Luck!

Unregistered Weapons Procurement - New Mobsters Mission

If you want to get yourself a handheld flamethrower for your Myspace Mobster, you are going to need to do the new mission, "Unregistered Weapons Procurement" which is available at level 27. You will need 2 tasers and 3 garrottes before you can do this mission so run to Jersey and do the "Smuggle Stolen Goods" mission if you don't already have yours. You receive a random number of one of five weapons, gold plated magnum, sawed-off shotgun, tommy gun, handheld flamethrower or laser-targeted rifle.

Here are the stats for the new specialty weapons that are earned from the procurement mission. If you know of any others, feel free to comment below. For stats on the other weapons, check out the Mobsters equipment list.

Equipment:Cost:Attack Strength:Defense Strength:Hourly Upkeep:
Handheld Flamethrower
Not Purchasable
*sells for $10k
Laser-Targeted Rifle
Not Purchasable
*sells for $90k

Promote mobsters to your Top Mob

A new option is now available where you can promote mobsters in your mob to become part of your "Top Mob." You can only have eight mobsters in your Top Mob at any one time but you can add and delete them as you please. These mobsters are able to attack double, so don't forget to double up their weapons.

This new feature gives you the ability to send 10 energy points to each mobster in your Top Mob, once per day. (You can send 10 energy to your entire mob. Just send energy to everyone in your Top Mob, delete them, then add new Top Mob Members and send them energy. ) The energy is free and does not deplete your energy supply, so go ahead and give it out!

Your Top Mob also offers a daily cash and experience bonus. The cash bonus is determined by your hourly income and the income of those mobsters in your Top Mob. Your daily Top Mob bonus will not exceed four times your hourly income. This means that each mobster in your Top Mob will give a maximum daily bonus of half of your hourly income. If MyMobster's income were $400,000 hourly, then the maximum daily bonus from each of the eight Top Mobsters would equal $200,000. However, if the mobster in your Top Mob doesn't make enough to cover your bonus, then you will not max out your daily bonus. You can only receive 20% of the hourly income of each member in your Top Mob. To max out MyMobster's daily bonus from above, each Top Mob member would need to have an hourly income of $1,000,000.

The mobsters Top Mob daily bonus can only be awarded once per day. Make sure you have filled up all eight Top Mob slots before you claim your bonus if you want to max it out.

We compiled this Top Mob list (without spending too much time) of mobsters who have a large hourly income. The stats below are as of April 22, 2009.

*If you have a larger hourly income, post it below and I will adjust the list to include only eight mobsters with the highest hourly income.

KGB-style body armor or surveillance helicopter

An additional five missions were added to Myspace Mobsters that yield two new items, the KGB-Style Body Armor and the Surveillance Helicopter. Before earning these new items, you will need to save plenty of energy and collect additional items through completing various missions.

Missions needed for the KGB-Style Body Armor.
Level Unlocked:Mission Name:Payout:Exp. Acquired:Equip. Needed:Mobsters Needed:Energy Needed:
Smuggle in Russian Hit Men$650,000 - $1,200,000
Loot: Chance for 1 x Russian Mob Connection
1 x Yacht
48 pnts.
Eliminate an Unfriendly Witness$1,000,000 - $3,000,000
Loot: 1 x KGB-Style Body Armor
+1254 x Russian Mob Connection
944 pnts.

Missions needed for the Surveillance Helicopter.
Level Unlocked:Mission Name:Payout:Exp. Acquired:Equip. Needed:Mobsters Needed:Energy Needed:
Establish a Colombian Connection$3,000,000 - $4,800,000
Loot: Chance of 1 x Poppy Harvest
95 pnts.
Infiltrate Coast Guard$500,000 - $750,000
Loot: Chance of 1 x Coast Guard ID
1285 pnts.
Opium Trade$4,200,000 - $7,000,000
Loot: 1 x Surveillance Helicopter
+2103 x Poppy Harvest & 5 x Coast Guard ID
13120 pnts.

Mobsters KGB-Style Body Armor stats and Surveillance Helicopter stats.
Level Unlocked:Equipment:Cost:Attack Strength:Defense Strength:Hourly Upkeep:
KGB-Style Body Armor
Not Purchasable
*sells for $875K
Surveillance Helicopter
Not Purchasable
*sells for $1M

View all of the Mobsters equipment stats.

New missions for mobsters with small mobs

Five new mobster missions are available from the most recent updates. It looks as though the Godfather has created an option for those who do not want to flood their Myspace account with a bunch of meaningless friends. Each of the new missions requires only a few friends. However, you sill have to whore out your Myspace account if you are going to be a successful mobster.

Downtown missions.
Level Unlocked:Mission Name:Payout:Exp. Acquired:Equip. Needed:Mobsters Needed:Energy Needed:
Identity Theft
$200,000 - $500,000
54 pnts.
34"Negotiate" City Sanitation Contract$300,000 - $1,000,000+501 x City Map and 7 Louisville Sluggers
740 pnts.

Jersey missions.
Level Unlocked:Mission Name:Payout:Exp. Acquired:Equip. Needed:Mobsters Needed:Energy Needed:
16Credit Card Fraud
$60,000 - $150,000
+45none236 pnts.
28Kidnapping & Ransom
$500,000 - $800,000
+756 Uzi & 6 Steel-Lined Trenchcoat
660 pnts.

Outta Town mission.
Level Unlocked:Mission Name:Payout:Exp. Acquired:Equip. Needed:Mobsters Needed:Energy Needed:
Counterfeit Government Securities
$2,400,000 - $3,600,000+12010 x Plaza and 10 x Seaside Lot10
80 pnts.