Infiltrate Police Department

The Police Badge allows you to punch your enemies while they are hiding in the hospital. The mission "Infiltrate Police Department" becomes available after you've reached level 25 and you have recruited four new mobsters. You’ll need two energy to get the job done. Once completed, you will earn five experience points and a police badge which allows your mobster access to the hospital.

The next time you punch a mobster who is in the hospital, you will be able to use your new badge and sneak past the hospital staff to punch them. If fully successful, you will keep your police badge and see this message:

“Flashing your police badge, you easily gain access to the hospital ward where (your enemy mobster) lies in recovery.
You punched (your enemy mobster) in the face, dealing XX damage.
Your target's whimpering brings in the hospital staff. Flashing your badge, you quickly slip away while the doctors puzzle over your target's new bruises.”

Otherwise, after you punch your enemy mobster, you will lose your police badge and see this message:

“Flashing your police badge, you easily gain access to the hospital ward where (your enemy mobster) lies in recovery.
You punched (your enemy mobster) in the face, dealing damage.
Your target's crying brings in the hospital staff. Unfortunately your smooth talking was unable to completely remove their suspicion. After you leave, they alert the police department to your presence, forcing you to discard your badge.”

The game randomly takes away your police badges when you punch mobsters in the hospital. If you ice a mobster, you will also lose your police badge.

Ambulance and Health Care

The Godfather has recently begun involvement in health care. A new mission has been added to the mobsters mission list which provides your mobster access to an Ambulance that is randomly used to increase your mobster's health 100% when you heal in the hospital.

To do the mission, you must recruit 2 new mobsters. Look through your friends and add anyone who is not in your mob or go to one of the mobster adding websites to get 2 new mobsters. When you do the mission to get the Ambulance, these two mobsters are consumed (However, they stay in your mob. They just cannot be used to do the Ambulance mission again.) You will have to recruit 2 more mobsters each time you want to Infiltrate the Hospital to be rewarded an Ambulance. Once you use the ambulance, it remains in your equipment. Click to see the Mobster Ambulance stats.

The Ambulance is used at random when you heal in the hospital. When the Ambulance is used, you will see your health increase 100% and a message will appear which states.....

"Your private ambulance showed up just in time to deliver you to the hospital, where you were waved past the waiting masses straight into your own room. With VIP treatment, you were healed ___ points to full health."

Hidden Vehicles on Mobsters

Rumors are beginning to spread regarding hidden vehicles in the Myspace Mobsters application. There has not been any word yet on how to acquire these vehicles and currently, no word on any mobster owning them. The vehicles may end up as rewards for missions or as special rewards for GodFather favor points. Keep your eyes peeled for one of the five hidden vehicles which include:

Dodge OmniOld Dodge AriesPinto JunkerPontiac JunkerTrendy Hybrid

Jailbirds and Escaped Convicts

Currently, the jail option is not activated, therefore you can not escape. It is thought that it will be a feature activated soon which will require you paying (mobster money), or using your stamina to break out of jail.

After the recent upgrade, you should have noticed a slightly different design throughout the Mobsters App. There no longer is a place to keep track of how many times you went to jail and escaped, which was one useless statistic to begin with.

Earning Myspace Mobsters Achievements

****Check out the updated Mobsters Achievements list.****
****Check out the updated Mobsters Achievements list.****
****Check out the updated Mobsters Achievements list.****

There are eight different achievements that can be earned which award Myspace Mobster favor points when completed. Each achievement will reward you a bronze, silver and gold medal once you reach certain levels in the game. A bronze achievement will get you one favor point, silver rewards two, and gold nets you three favor points. You must earn the achievements in order to receive the award.

  • To earn the bronze banking achievement you must deposit $10,000 into the bank. $1Mil deposited to receive silver. $10Mil deposited for Gold.
  • For the bronze bounty hit achievement, you must make one bounty hit. Five bounty hits for silver, and 10 for gold.
  • The mission achievement is earned by completing; 10 missions for bronze, 50 missions for silver, and 1000 for gold.
  • The Whacking mobster achievement in bronze can be earned by whacking 1 mobster. 10 mobsters whacked will earn you silver, and 100 whacked earns you gold.
  • To earn the Mob size achievement in bronze, you must grow your mob to a size of 5. To earn silver, you need a mob of size 50. And for gold, you need 500 mobsters.
  • For the unlocking level achievement in bronze, you must get to level 3 on day one. For the silver achievement, you must get to level 10 on day one. For gold, you’ll need to get to level 20. (Good luck!)
  • To earn your bronze car owner achievement, you need to own one El Camino. For silver, you need to own 25 ambulances. And for gold, you will need 50 Rhino Tanks.
  • The bronze gun owner achievement requires 10 pump-action shotguns. The silver requires 25 RPG's. Purchase 50, 10-Liter Sarin Gas Sprayer for the Gold.

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