Unregistered Weapons Procurement - New Mobsters Mission

If you want to get yourself a handheld flamethrower for your Myspace Mobster, you are going to need to do the new mission, "Unregistered Weapons Procurement" which is available at level 27. You will need 2 tasers and 3 garrottes before you can do this mission so run to Jersey and do the "Smuggle Stolen Goods" mission if you don't already have yours. You receive a random number of one of five weapons, gold plated magnum, sawed-off shotgun, tommy gun, handheld flamethrower or laser-targeted rifle.

Here are the stats for the new specialty weapons that are earned from the procurement mission. If you know of any others, feel free to comment below. For stats on the other weapons, check out the Mobsters equipment list.

Equipment:Cost:Attack Strength:Defense Strength:Hourly Upkeep:
Handheld Flamethrower
Not Purchasable
*sells for $10k
Laser-Targeted Rifle
Not Purchasable
*sells for $90k

Promote mobsters to your Top Mob

A new option is now available where you can promote mobsters in your mob to become part of your "Top Mob." You can only have eight mobsters in your Top Mob at any one time but you can add and delete them as you please. These mobsters are able to attack double, so don't forget to double up their weapons.

This new feature gives you the ability to send 10 energy points to each mobster in your Top Mob, once per day. (You can send 10 energy to your entire mob. Just send energy to everyone in your Top Mob, delete them, then add new Top Mob Members and send them energy. ) The energy is free and does not deplete your energy supply, so go ahead and give it out!

Your Top Mob also offers a daily cash and experience bonus. The cash bonus is determined by your hourly income and the income of those mobsters in your Top Mob. Your daily Top Mob bonus will not exceed four times your hourly income. This means that each mobster in your Top Mob will give a maximum daily bonus of half of your hourly income. If MyMobster's income were $400,000 hourly, then the maximum daily bonus from each of the eight Top Mobsters would equal $200,000. However, if the mobster in your Top Mob doesn't make enough to cover your bonus, then you will not max out your daily bonus. You can only receive 20% of the hourly income of each member in your Top Mob. To max out MyMobster's daily bonus from above, each Top Mob member would need to have an hourly income of $1,000,000.

The mobsters Top Mob daily bonus can only be awarded once per day. Make sure you have filled up all eight Top Mob slots before you claim your bonus if you want to max it out.

We compiled this Top Mob list (without spending too much time) of mobsters who have a large hourly income. The stats below are as of April 22, 2009.

*If you have a larger hourly income, post it below and I will adjust the list to include only eight mobsters with the highest hourly income.

KGB-style body armor or surveillance helicopter

An additional five missions were added to Myspace Mobsters that yield two new items, the KGB-Style Body Armor and the Surveillance Helicopter. Before earning these new items, you will need to save plenty of energy and collect additional items through completing various missions.

Missions needed for the KGB-Style Body Armor.
Level Unlocked:Mission Name:Payout:Exp. Acquired:Equip. Needed:Mobsters Needed:Energy Needed:
Smuggle in Russian Hit Men$650,000 - $1,200,000
Loot: Chance for 1 x Russian Mob Connection
1 x Yacht
48 pnts.
Eliminate an Unfriendly Witness$1,000,000 - $3,000,000
Loot: 1 x KGB-Style Body Armor
+1254 x Russian Mob Connection
944 pnts.

Missions needed for the Surveillance Helicopter.
Level Unlocked:Mission Name:Payout:Exp. Acquired:Equip. Needed:Mobsters Needed:Energy Needed:
Establish a Colombian Connection$3,000,000 - $4,800,000
Loot: Chance of 1 x Poppy Harvest
95 pnts.
Infiltrate Coast Guard$500,000 - $750,000
Loot: Chance of 1 x Coast Guard ID
1285 pnts.
Opium Trade$4,200,000 - $7,000,000
Loot: 1 x Surveillance Helicopter
+2103 x Poppy Harvest & 5 x Coast Guard ID
13120 pnts.

Mobsters KGB-Style Body Armor stats and Surveillance Helicopter stats.
Level Unlocked:Equipment:Cost:Attack Strength:Defense Strength:Hourly Upkeep:
KGB-Style Body Armor
Not Purchasable
*sells for $875K
Surveillance Helicopter
Not Purchasable
*sells for $1M

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