Unregistered Weapons Procurement - New Mobsters Mission

If you want to get yourself a handheld flamethrower for your Myspace Mobster, you are going to need to do the new mission, "Unregistered Weapons Procurement" which is available at level 27. You will need 2 tasers and 3 garrottes before you can do this mission so run to Jersey and do the "Smuggle Stolen Goods" mission if you don't already have yours. You receive a random number of one of five weapons, gold plated magnum, sawed-off shotgun, tommy gun, handheld flamethrower or laser-targeted rifle.

Here are the stats for the new specialty weapons that are earned from the procurement mission. If you know of any others, feel free to comment below. For stats on the other weapons, check out the Mobsters equipment list.

Equipment:Cost:Attack Strength:Defense Strength:Hourly Upkeep:
Handheld Flamethrower
Not Purchasable
*sells for $10k
Laser-Targeted Rifle
Not Purchasable
*sells for $90k


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