Myspace Overdrive Strategy Guide

If you are looking for Myspace Mobsters Overdrive Achievements, look here - Mobsters Overdrive Achievements.

A new mission becomes available at level 20 which requires you to Set Up Your Cousin as a Street Racer. You must install the Overdrive application and once you reach level 10, you will receive a Ford GT. Overdrive shares the same concept as Mobsters except you race cars instead of fighting Mobsters. Everything is similar from the Mobsters Overdrive achievements to the skill points you earn. You gain Reputation instead of Experience, race Street Trials instead of Missions, and race cars at The Track instead of Fighting Mobsters. Reaching level 10 is not difficult and can take an hour or less.

You begin Overdrive by choosing a name and specialty. The specialties to choose from are Gear Head (repair faster), Power House (refuel faster), Speed Freak (regain stamina faster). When you start, your only option is to get a free car from the Street Trials. Here you visit the Salvage Yard to pick up your 1972 Ford Pinto. Now you can do the Street Trial named Local Drift. Alternatively, you can go race at The Track. The track is a great way to earn experience and level quickly. Each level you progress, your Integrity, Fuel and Stamina regenerate 100% so keep that in mind when you run low and near level advancement. Once you reach level two, you can purchase a Honda Civic with better stats than the Pinto. This will allow you to win more races. Otherwise, hook up that Pinto at the Speed Shop. The Speed Shop provides many different car upgrades that will give you an edge at The Track. Now you just need to keep doing the Speed Trials and racing at The Track and you will reach level 10 in no time!

Speed Freak (regain stamina faster) worked well and allowed for maximum Reputation (Experience). Leveling is quick, especially when you invest skill points into stamina. Don't worry about fuel as every level it replenishes 100%. The Speed Trials that you can only do once will speed you up also. Levels 1 - 5 will be quick! Leveling from 6 - 10 will take a little longer.


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I put all exp points toward fuel and bought just a few upgrades for the pinto. I did nothing but the missions (destruction derby) as much as possible. I took it to the track maybe 10 or so times, each time before the level up so that it replenished. You can also use the favor points to refuel and cut your time even more. Reached level 10 in about 10 - 15 min.

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