Small Police Escort Stats

Get to level 150 and do the new mission, "Elect Capo to Mayor's Office". Once complete, you will get a Small Police Escort which is considered a weapon (not armor or vehicle). It's rather Pricey to upkeep so be careful. Like the helicopter, you can quickly tap your budget.

Mobsters Small Police EscortSmall Police Escort Stats
Upkeep : $500,000
Attack : 60
Defense : 50
Not Purchasable - Sells for $2,500,000


Blogger WaldoCruise said...

Now that the Henchman section of Equipment is there, I think the Small Police Escort is a much better value if only to replace the weak "Thug" that only gives you 1 attack and 1 defense.

July 15, 2009 at 11:46 AM  

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