Healing in the Hospital

After you've been fighting, you may find yourself in the hospital. To start the game, when your health goes below 20, you go to the hospital. This health level of 20 can be raised by using your experience points to increase your Max Health.

Before you can heal your mobster in the hospital, you will need to deposit money in the bank. The hospital fee increases as your level increases and becomes rather expensive at higher levels. The hospital will heal your mobster 20 to 30 health points at random.

Many mobsters use the hospital as a hide out when they are getting their butt beat. This strategy is looked down on by some mobsters even though they've likely hid in the hospital themselves in the past. Staying in the hospital keeps you from being attacked or punched. However, other mobsters still have the ability to put you on the hit list. When this happens, others will be able to attack you until you are dead. If you are strong, you may have the ability to level up a few levels. Hurry to the hospital if you see that someone put you on the list before you die.


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