Bounties and the Hit List

Bounty hunting can be a highly profitably profession for a mobster. It can also be a fatal venture. A low level mobster trying to collect a bounty on a high level mobster may deal you more damage than you expect. Be careful to avoid any unwanted suicide attempts. However, if you are successful, you may find yourself with hundreds of millions of dollars changing the entire game for you. It is possible to gain the bounty even if you lose the fight. It is only necessary that you strip the mobster of their last bit of health to achieve the bounty.

Being put onto the Hit List is not necessarily a bad thing. If you're quick with a strong defense and you realize you've been put on the hit list, you can hurry to the hospital and continue healing while people attack you. You will likely win most of your fights and generate some pretty impressive stats from it. The ability to Hit List yourself is no longer available which is how many Mobsters made it on the Made Man list.

When hit listing other mobsters, keep in mind that you can only hit list mobsters up to half your level. This means if you are level 24, you can not hit list a level 11 mobster. You will have to wait until they get to level 12 before you can put them on the hit list. The cost to hit list a mobster is determined by their hourly income multiplied by 10.

A cool trick (which will tick off other mobsters) is to put a mobster on the hit list, then collect your own bounty. This is easier done with two browser windows open at the same time. Simply copy the users URL into a new browser window, re-size them so you can see them both at once, then work your magic. Be careful, if they are heavily backed, you may find another mobster doing it to you too.


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can you anyone kill anyone on the hitlist???

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