Purchasing Territories

Purchasing territory is the best avenue for generating money in Mobsters. You will want to build up a large amount of real estate so you can afford to arm your mob. Knowing which territories to purchase and at which times is important if you are going to maximize your profit. When you purchase myspace mobsters property, the cost per unit rises by 10% of it's hourly income. There are two general strategies when it comes to purchasing territory, the short term maximization of income strategy and the long term strategy to beat inflation.

The short term maximization of income strategy means that you purchase property one at a time as you can afford it. The long term strategy implies that you save your money to purchase in bulk, usually buying all 10 properties at once to get the best deal. Keep in mind, if you purchase all 10 properties at once the cost will then rise 100% of the hourly income. Choosing your strategy depends on how you play and you will likely alternate strategies throughout the game.

Regardless of your strategy, knowing how to calculate your Return on Investment (ROI) is important. ROI is used to compare returns on investments and is calculated by taking our return from our investment divided by the total cost of our investment.

Let's demonstrate this for a couple properties with a mobster who is just starting out. Take the Luxury Hotel and the Skyscraper, costing $450,000 (cost plus undeveloped land cost) and $17,000,000 (cost plus undeveloped land cost), respectively. The Luxury Hotel nets an hourly salary of $10,000 and the Skyscraper generates $150,000 hourly. Now plug these values into our ROI equation.

  • Luxury Hotel ROI = $10,000/$450,000 = 0.022 or 2.22%
  • Skyscraper ROI = $150,000/$17,000,000 = 0.0088 or 0.88%

The higher the ROI percentage, the better the purchase. In this case it is clear that purchasing a Luxury Hotel is more profitable than a Skyscraper.

There are a couple website where you can go to calculate your next territory purchase. has created a calculator that is great for calculating the ROI plus many other features. There is also a free calculator that is used for Mob Wars which can also be applied to Mobsters.

A list of all properties, their cost, and the level they become available can be found here. If you are looking for Mobsters 2 territory guide, check this out.


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