Fighting your Mobster

You can fight your mobster against other mobsters from the fight list, the hit list or from their mobster profile page. The fight list consists of other random mobsters that are usually your level. During low peak times, you may see mobsters a level or two higher than you. High level mobsters may see mobsters ten, twenty, thirty levels, and even higher. Fighting a mobster of a higher level may prove fatal if you are poorly armed or they have a strong defensive arsenal. Make sure you fight around your level until you know what you're doing.

When you log into the game, you are thrown into rotation for the fight list. The more users on at that time, the more time you will have before you start getting attacked. While attacking from the fight list, attack users towards the bottom of the list as these users have likely just logged on and usually cough up the most money.

When you start the game on level 1, you have the ability to fight with five mobsters. For each level you climb, you can fight with five more. This means that at level 2, you need 10 mobsters. Level 10, you need 50 mobsters. Level 50, you need 250 mobsters, and so forth. You will need to grow your mob if you are going to be successful.

You must arm each of your mob members with a gun, armor and a vehicle. This means if you are level 2, you need 10 guns to be fully armed in the gunnery department, 10 armor for armory, and 10 vehicles. You will likely find that you do not have the funds to equip your mob family at the beginning. You will still want to grow your mob since unarmed Mobsters come fighting bare handed.

You can not attack a lower level mobster past one level below yours unless they attack you first. For instance, if you are level 24, you can attack a level 23 mobster, but not a level 22 (unless they attack you first and then you can retaliate).

You may also decide to punch that mobster which will take 1 to 5 damage at random. Punching may also be used as a strategy if you are getting whooped on as you have the ability to punch your mobster in the face and hide in the hospital. Keep in mind that hiding in the hospital may cause others to make fun of you.


Blogger Hugh H said...

How is it possible for someone to attack and kill me after someone puts a hit me while I am in the hospital? I was at 14 health, unable to attack, someone put a hit on me and someone else killed me?

October 24, 2008 at 6:59 AM  

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