Ambulance and Health Care

The Godfather has recently begun involvement in health care. A new mission has been added to the mobsters mission list which provides your mobster access to an Ambulance that is randomly used to increase your mobster's health 100% when you heal in the hospital.

To do the mission, you must recruit 2 new mobsters. Look through your friends and add anyone who is not in your mob or go to one of the mobster adding websites to get 2 new mobsters. When you do the mission to get the Ambulance, these two mobsters are consumed (However, they stay in your mob. They just cannot be used to do the Ambulance mission again.) You will have to recruit 2 more mobsters each time you want to Infiltrate the Hospital to be rewarded an Ambulance. Once you use the ambulance, it remains in your equipment. Click to see the Mobster Ambulance stats.

The Ambulance is used at random when you heal in the hospital. When the Ambulance is used, you will see your health increase 100% and a message will appear which states.....

"Your private ambulance showed up just in time to deliver you to the hospital, where you were waved past the waiting masses straight into your own room. With VIP treatment, you were healed ___ points to full health."


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