New Myspace Mobsters Equipment and Missions List

The Myspace Mobsters application received another upgrade complete with new missions, territory, equipment, and a slightly new look.

There are six new missions on Mobsters which are all unlocked by level 17 and rather useless for high level mobsters. To start the game, you now have an additional mission which allows you to win a Newsstand - the new territory available on Mobsters. This is great if you start a new Mobster because you can immediately begin receiving hourly income. You can also participate in a little "Back-Alley Mugging" if you get a new Flick Knife, or "Petty Theft" if that's more your style. The "Residential Burglary" mission gives loot of various types, including the new golf club. Once you reach level five, you can do the "Loot a Weapons Cache" mission and receive random pieces of equipment. At level 12 the fun begins. You need a Lucky Rabbit's Foot to do the "Smuggle Stolen Goods" mission which will give you one of the three new pieces of equipment or a random piece of weaponry. You also will need a City Map so do the mission named "Plan Smuggling Operation" and you should get one, try a second time if needed. Once you have these items, you can smuggle the stolen goods and save your money for territory. At level 17, you can "Sell Counterfeit Sports Memorabilia." This mission requires three fresh recruits which eats away from your badges and ambulances.

The new territory is the Newsstand which is fairly useless for those with even a moderate hourly income. It comes in dead last in terms of hourly income compared to other properties, raking in a whopping 100 bucks.

The mobsters new equipment can be earned through the various new missions. The mission "Smuggle Stolen Goods" gives out the three new pieces of equipment fairly often. The Golf Club is easy to find Downtown when you "Loot a Weapons Cache", yet it can also be found in Da Bronx in "Residential Burglary." The other new equipment in Mobsters is the Metal Chain, Garrotte, and the Taser. These items are not purchasable and must be won in the "Smuggle Stolen Goods" mission.

New Mobsters Equipment Stats.
Sells for
myspace mobsters golf club
Golf Club
mobsters chain
Metal Chain
mobsters choke
mobsters stun gun

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