Myspace Mobsters Big Apple for iPhone / iPod

I know many of you have been waiting for this... Sorry to delay the Mobsters Big Apple Guide!

Now you can play Myspace Mobsters on your iPhone or iPod touch if you are running OS 2.2.1 or higher. Keep in mind that there is a nominal fee of $.99 before getting started in Mobsters : Big Apple.

To start, you will need to head to Da Bronx and "Steal an iPhone" to receive the codes necessary to start playing the app. Once you have the codes, simply download the Mobsters Big Apple application and enter the codes. Once installed, you will have two options; Link to Myspace or Create a Playdom account. Your choice is permanent so choose wisely. If you link the app to your Myspace account, you will have access to your Mobster on Myspace. If you create a Playdom account, you will start from scratch.

If you install the Mobsters Big Apple application, you will get 20 favor points and access to two new henchmen (also 30 hired guns ONLY if you create a new Playdom account/ID - NO hired guns are awarded if you link to your Myspace Mobster account)! There are also three new achievements that can be earned which allows your mobster the opportunity for six additional favor points for a total of 26 (well worth the $.99).

Once the Big Apple Mobsters app is installed, you will see a new mission on your iPhone/iPod where you receive text Messages from the Mysterious Mr. X (no real messages are sent). You must collect 10 messages before you are able to set up the "Meeting with Mr. X" where you earn the first henchmen, "Promise of Police Protection." After you have your police protection, you will need to start locating clues about the Location of Mr. X's Hideout. After you collect 10 clues (do the mission 10 times) you will be able to complete the mission "Raid on Mr. X's Hideout" where you earn the second henchmen, "Network of Informants." The missions that award henchmen can only be done once.

There are three new Mobsters Achievements that are available for Mobsters for iPhone. Receive one text message to earn the bronze Novice iPhone User achievement. Earn a "Promise of Police Protection" to earn the silver Intermediate iPhone User. Get a "Network of Informants" for the gold Expert iPhone User. In addition, once you connect to Mobsters via iPhone, you'll receive a 24/7 badge next to your name signifying that you can play Mobsters from anywhere you have your iPhone, 24/7.

Hopefully we have covered the important information pertaining to Mobsters Big Apple. Comment if you have questions!


Blogger Win2k3 Book said...

How do you locate clues about Mr. X's hideout?

September 12, 2009 at 1:19 PM  
Blogger leen6911 said...

what lvl do you have to be for the last mission to show up?

July 9, 2010 at 2:24 PM  

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