Female Henchmen, New Avatar Equipment and Mobsters on Twitter and Facebook

More updates came out for Myspace Mobsters yesterday offering a nice array of new prizes, a way to learn about Mobsters updates on Twitter, and an announcement for the new Mobsters for Facebook.

First off, there are two missions in Da Bronx which allow you to get new pants for your avatar. You are offered different choices depending on the sex of your avatar and the pants offer no special abilities. There is also a new mission Downtown where you can get an 8-Gauge Shotgun for your avatar which will increase your experience when you do missions by 2%.

There are two new mini-game missions located Downtown, Ambush A Rival Don's Entourage (video) and Strafe A CEO's Motorcade (video). If you successfully complete the Strafe A CEO's Motorcade mission, which costs 1 favor point to try, you will be rewarded nicely with 3 hired guns, 20 skill points and a Limited Edition item - Metal Storm.

Another new mission for Father's Day has a hidden surprise in it also. The surprise, if you're lucky enough to get, will likely disappoint you. The Moll, the female henchman, female mobster, or whatever you want to call her has a whopping attack of 10 and defense of 8. Hardly worth trying for.



Blogger Crystal said...

i never saw this.... i know fathers day is over... is there another way to get this fantastic looking chick as a henchwoman??

July 4, 2009 at 6:32 PM  

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