How to get a bigger mob. Grow your mob quick!

If you are not aware of mobsters add sites like Myspace Add Train or Spuko, you should check them out. These sites help you grow your mob to get allowing you to find other mobster adds. If you join the free add train at either of these sites and do nothing else, you may get five mob requests, that's probably pushing it. That means you must click to add people which is a very time consuming and tedious process. Alternatively, you could pay to join a mobsters train, however this can get rather costly and is short lived.

The best way to get mobsters is through the Myspace friend adding program, Friend Blaster Pro. The software allows you to extract Myspace IDs from various sources like forums or other mobster profiles, then it automates the entire adding process. The program can be run in the background allowing you to continue working while it adds all your new mobster friends. You will still be annoyed by the captcha warning, but enter your cell phone number and you'll be good to go. Friend Blaster Pro also has an unlimited option, making it possible to chain all your mobster accounts together during the adding process. Check it out. You now know the secret on how to grow your mob like many of the made men do.

After five days of never clicking to add a single person, this is what one profile experienced. If you send out the Mobsters invites, you will grow your mob 400+ mobsters per day.


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