Mobsters Mastery Rewards, New Equipment and Easy Ambushes

**Click to view the Myspace Mobsters mission list and mastery achievements.

There have been so many updates on Myspace Mobsters recently that keeping up has become a little difficult. However, we will continue to try and bring you updates as soon as possible so don't forget to bookmark us!

Click if you are interested in knowing the various Mobsters Mastery Rewards.

Click if you are curious about the stats on the new equipment including the myspace mobsters henchmen.

If you would like to learn how to beat the new Ambush missions, continue reading below.

There are three new Ambush missions, Ambush the Mayor, Ambush the Governor and Ambush the Head of State. Your goal is to prevent the onslaught of vehicular enemies from traversing the entire course, from one end to the other. To do this, you must buy guards and place them along the course with the limited money that you have to work with. The best guard to buy is the cheap starter unit, the Thug.

The first two missions are easy to complete. Check out the videos to learn how to get a perfect run on Ambush the Mayor and on Ambush the Head of State. The last mission, Ambush the Head of State, can get very difficult. There is a technique which has been proven to work and you can watch it on YouTube here, there's another one here, and another here. Keep in mind that this may not work for you so you may need to try a different strategy. You will likely need to utilize the upgrade feature and ensure that you sell the guards who are no longer active when fighting the boss.

Each mission allows your mobster to earn four skill points. You get one skill point for beating the mission, then more depending on how well you complete the mission. A perfect run will net you all four skill points. To determine whether or not you have earned all your skill points, check your mission list to see if it has "Skill Points: ?" listed in the payout section. Good Luck!


Blogger Viktor said...

Please, update it all!
There a mission saying "nothing" in the reward term, wich gives money, lot's of new avartar item's not listed and new missions witch is tower-def-like.

July 5, 2009 at 4:14 PM  

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