Intercept A Casino Shipment on Mobsters

Your Mobster can now Intercept A Casino Shipment for a chance to receive one of seven, common, uncommon, and rare items. This new mission sucks up 14 favor points so collecting all seven items in the Cashier's Cage Collection will likely force you to go complete surveys, offers or pan out your hard earned cash to the Godfather. Hurry over and check out the Mobsters Intercept A Casino Shipment mission!

Common Items:
intercept a casino shipment

Attack: 3
Defense: 9
Steel Throwing Cards
Attack: 7
Defense: 11
Lucky Dice
Attack: 7
Defense: 11
Increases max health by 3

Uncommon Items:

Lamborghini Miura
Attack: 23
Defense: 11
Elvis Impersonator
Attack: 30
Defense: 10

Rare Items:

Silenced PP7
Attack: 37
Defense: 22
Ace of Spades Tattoo
1% increase in attack
5% increase in defense


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