New missions for mobsters with small mobs

Five new mobster missions are available from the most recent updates. It looks as though the Godfather has created an option for those who do not want to flood their Myspace account with a bunch of meaningless friends. Each of the new missions requires only a few friends. However, you sill have to whore out your Myspace account if you are going to be a successful mobster.

Downtown missions.
Level Unlocked:Mission Name:Payout:Exp. Acquired:Equip. Needed:Mobsters Needed:Energy Needed:
Identity Theft
$200,000 - $500,000
54 pnts.
34"Negotiate" City Sanitation Contract$300,000 - $1,000,000+501 x City Map and 7 Louisville Sluggers
740 pnts.

Jersey missions.
Level Unlocked:Mission Name:Payout:Exp. Acquired:Equip. Needed:Mobsters Needed:Energy Needed:
16Credit Card Fraud
$60,000 - $150,000
+45none236 pnts.
28Kidnapping & Ransom
$500,000 - $800,000
+756 Uzi & 6 Steel-Lined Trenchcoat
660 pnts.

Outta Town mission.
Level Unlocked:Mission Name:Payout:Exp. Acquired:Equip. Needed:Mobsters Needed:Energy Needed:
Counterfeit Government Securities
$2,400,000 - $3,600,000+12010 x Plaza and 10 x Seaside Lot10
80 pnts.

Mobsters for sale on Myspace?

Many mobsters on Myspace are mad at the Godfather and his changes to the application that have taken place. The Godfather's attempt to eliminate mobsters who are using bots has upset some people so much that they may be willing to sell their mobster. Check out Kustom Vegas - 391247924 on the made man list. It looks as though he is quitting the game and may be taking offers for his mobster.

If you hate the Godfather and want to do something about it, check out Mobsters Unite and become part of FTG (F*** the Godfather). FTG is a group of mobsters who are pissed off at the Godfather and are uniting to take revenge. Check it out to see what they're about.

St. Patrick's Day Gala and the Winchester 94

The Limited Edition items on Myspace Mobsters carry a steep price. With each item costing around 20 favor points, getting more than a couple will require you to go to the Godfather and complete offers for additional favor points. The Godfather's St. Patrick's Day Gala is a great way to get Limited Edition items for cheap, if you are lucky that is.

The St. Patrick's Day Gala works just the same as the other Galas that have taken place in the past. The mission takes 2 favor points and you have the chance to win a piece of equipment. Sometimes the reward is hardly worth it and you can get stuck with nothing but a few dollars and experience points. Other times, the reward can be nice and you receive a Lambo or the brand new Winchester 94. The Winchester 94 is a new special item that was added and only available in the St. Patrick's Day Gala.

Sells for
myspace mobsters winchester 94
Winchester 94

Mobsters update introduces the Renegade

If you haven't been paying attention to the recent updates, then it's likely that you haven't notice that the types of mobsters have all changed. Instead of the old types of mobsters, Bulletproof, Insomniac, and Tycoon, we now have Nightowl, Soldato and Mogul respectively. Why the new change? Personally, I think the Godfather is bored on Friday nights but I will let you make up your own mind.

There is also a new type of mobster to chose from. A "hybrid mobster" if you will. This hybrid mobster, "Renegade", is a jack of all trades and generates a small bonus for each category - health, energy and stamina.