Cold War-Era Gunboat Stats

When you make it to level 400, you will have access to the "Revolution in Central America" mission which awards a Cold War-Era Gunboat. The gunboat is really expensive and arguably even worth owning.

Cold War-Era GunboatCold War-Era Gunboat
Upkeep : $2,500,000
Attack : 105
Defense : 40
Not Purchasable - Sells for $25,000,000

Small Police Escort Stats

Get to level 150 and do the new mission, "Elect Capo to Mayor's Office". Once complete, you will get a Small Police Escort which is considered a weapon (not armor or vehicle). It's rather Pricey to upkeep so be careful. Like the helicopter, you can quickly tap your budget.

Mobsters Small Police EscortSmall Police Escort Stats
Upkeep : $500,000
Attack : 60
Defense : 50
Not Purchasable - Sells for $2,500,000

Mobsters Exoskeleton Stats

When you get to level 200, you will see a new mission, "Raiding the Lockheed Research Lab. This mission awards you with the Exoskeleton which is the best for defense and a relatively low upkeep compared to the rest. If you are boosting your defense, start collecting the Exoskeleton!

Mobsters ExoskeletonExoskeleton Stats
Upkeep : $50,000
Attack : 20
Defense : 75
Not Purchasable - Sells for $5,000,000

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