Mobsters update - Dragon Tattoo, Catskill Resort, KGB Assassin and more.

Many new features have been added to the Mobsters application which provide the opportunity to purchase new property, earn new vehicles, complete myspace mobsters saratoga springs spanew missions and earn an avatar tattoo. The Myspace Mobsters mission list has been updated to reflect the new missions with corresponding mastery rewards. The Mobsters equipment list has also been updated with the new equipment.

There are two new properties which are available if you have the money and two that you can get using energy by completing the new missions. When you Take Over a Catskill myspace mobsters catskill resortResort, you will earn a +2 increase in energy per resort (hardly worth it really). The Saratoga Springs Spa can be found by earning the mastery reward for taking over a Catskill Resort. The Saratoga Springs Spa property gives your mobster a 100 point increase in health (not bad).

myspace mobsters dragon tattoo for your avatarThe new avatar tattoo can be earned by following a sequence of missions. You start in Da Bronx and Become an Initiate of the Brotherhood, then head Outta Town to finish the next three missions to earn whats needed to Become a Member of the Brotherhood. Once you earn the Vatican Treasure, the Incan Gold Idol, and a Monk's Blessing, then you can head back to Da Bronx to earn your avatar Dragon Tattoo. The Mobsters Dragon Tattoo provides a 20% chance of fourth skill point on level up.

Mobsters Window-Pane Overcoat - Avatar Item

myspace mobsters window pane overcoat for your avatar

There is finally an avatar item for the defensive player in Myspace Mobsters. The Mobsters Window-Pane Overcoat comes with an attack of 9 and defense of 24. In addition, the overcoat adds a 10% chance of a spirited defense (1/2x damage) when attacked. All in all, the Window-Pane Overcoat on Mobsters isn't a bad deal for 12 favor points.

Check out the new Mobsters Safe-cracker henchman also. The Safe-cracker doesn't add any extra abilities but you may like adding another henchmen to your mob.