Myspace Overdrive Strategy Guide

If you are looking for Myspace Mobsters Overdrive Achievements, look here - Mobsters Overdrive Achievements.

A new mission becomes available at level 20 which requires you to Set Up Your Cousin as a Street Racer. You must install the Overdrive application and once you reach level 10, you will receive a Ford GT. Overdrive shares the same concept as Mobsters except you race cars instead of fighting Mobsters. Everything is similar from the Mobsters Overdrive achievements to the skill points you earn. You gain Reputation instead of Experience, race Street Trials instead of Missions, and race cars at The Track instead of Fighting Mobsters. Reaching level 10 is not difficult and can take an hour or less.

You begin Overdrive by choosing a name and specialty. The specialties to choose from are Gear Head (repair faster), Power House (refuel faster), Speed Freak (regain stamina faster). When you start, your only option is to get a free car from the Street Trials. Here you visit the Salvage Yard to pick up your 1972 Ford Pinto. Now you can do the Street Trial named Local Drift. Alternatively, you can go race at The Track. The track is a great way to earn experience and level quickly. Each level you progress, your Integrity, Fuel and Stamina regenerate 100% so keep that in mind when you run low and near level advancement. Once you reach level two, you can purchase a Honda Civic with better stats than the Pinto. This will allow you to win more races. Otherwise, hook up that Pinto at the Speed Shop. The Speed Shop provides many different car upgrades that will give you an edge at The Track. Now you just need to keep doing the Speed Trials and racing at The Track and you will reach level 10 in no time!

Speed Freak (regain stamina faster) worked well and allowed for maximum Reputation (Experience). Leveling is quick, especially when you invest skill points into stamina. Don't worry about fuel as every level it replenishes 100%. The Speed Trials that you can only do once will speed you up also. Levels 1 - 5 will be quick! Leveling from 6 - 10 will take a little longer.

Myspace Mobsters Achievements List

Myspace Mobsters Achievements are a great way to earn favor points. New mobsters achievements have been added along with a sleek new award design. All mobsters achievements have an additional tier added that yields 3 favor points once the achievement is complete. There is also a new category added to the achievements for those mobsters collecting the various unique Limited Edition items and another for those mobsters addicted to the Godfather's Casino. See if you can unlock all achievements in mobsters!

mobsters banking achievement bronzeOff the Streets
opening a bank account
banking achievement silverRich
banking $1,000,000
 banking achievement goldBentley Rich
banking $10,000,000
banking achievement platinumPrivate Plane Rich
banking $1,000,000,000
mobsters bounty achievement bronzeHitman
making 1 bounty hit
bounty achievement silverAssassin
making 5 bounty hits
bounty achievement goldExecutioner
making 10 bounty hits
bounty achievement platinumAngel of Freakin' Death
making 20 bounty hits
mobsters mission achievement bronzeSoldier
completing 5 missions
platinum mobsters achievementsLieutenant
completing 50 missions
new mobsters achievementsColonel
completing 1,000 missions
myspace mobsters achievementsGeneral
completing 5,000 missions
mobsters whacking achievement bronzeThug
whacking 1 mobster
Cold Blooded
whacking 10 mobsters
One Man Army
whacking 100 mobsters
The Terminator
whacking 5,000 mobsters
mobsters mob achievement bronzePiciotto (button man)
growing to a mob size of 5
Sgarrista (made man)
growing to a mob size of 50
Don (boss)
growing to a mob size of 500
Capo Crimini (boss of bosses)
growing to a mob size of 1,000
mobsters leveling achievement bronzeSpeedy
reaching level 3 on day 1
reaching level 10 on day 1
reaching level 20 on day 1
reaching level 40 on day 1
mobsters vehicle achievement bronzeCar Owner
owning 1 El Camino
Private Health Insurance
owning 25 Ambulances
Private Army
Owning 50 Rhino Tanks
Mobsters achievements platinumPrivate Navy
Owning 100 Cold War-Era Gunboats
mobsters weapon achievement bronzeGun Shop
owning 10 Pump-Action Shotguns
Arms Dealer
owning 25 RPG Launchers
Military-Industrial Complex
owning 50 Sarin Gas Sprayers
Merchant of Death
Owning 100 Police Escorts
mobsters collector achievement bronzeCollecttore
owning 1 Limited Edition Item
Buon Collecttore
owning 4 (different) Limited Edition Items
Collettore Eccellente
owning 25 (different) Limited Edition Items
Grande Collecttore
owning 10 (different) Limited Edition items
mobsters slot machine achievement bronzeLucky Crowbar
getting 3 Crowbars in the Godfather's slot machine
Lucky Auto
getting 3 Bentleys in the Godfather's slot machine
Lucky Tank
getting 3 Tanks in the Godfather's slot machine
Lucky Jackpot
winning the jackpot in the Godfather's slot machine

Bronze Mastery Master
achieving 5 bronze masteries

Silver Mastery Master
achieving 10 silver masteries

Gold Mastery Master
achieving 25 gold masteries

Platinum Mastery Master
achieving 25 platinum masteries
Novice iPhone User
finishing 1 mission on the iPhone
Intermediate iPhone User
earning the Promise of Police Protection
Expert iPhone User
earning the Network of iPhone Informants

Play Slots at the Godfather's Casino

If you have any luck playing slots, try your luck at the Godfather's Casino. Just like any casino, you have the chance to win or lose. The Godfather's casino rewards mobsters with 0 to 600 favor points depending on how much you bet and chance. You can also unlock mobster achievements by playing the slots.

You choose whether you want to bet 1, 2 or 3 favor points - 3 being the max bet. The amount of favor points that you receive depends on what the slots land on. If you max your bet and get the jackpot, you will win 600 favor points and a very Limited Edition vehicle shown below that looks like a missile launcher.

M-270 MLRS StatsM-270 MLRS Stats
Attack : 175
Defense : 21
Not Purchasable
    *Must win jackpot at Godfather's Casino

Mobsters Lamborghini Murchielago - Lambo Stats

If you've been playing the Christmas Gala then you've seen the rare Lamborghini Murcielago that has been added. If you plan on getting one of these, you better get plenty favor points or be one lucky Mobster. If you want to arm your Mobster with every weapon in the game to be a real Made Man, then you better get going and get your Lambo. Chances are, it will be gone soon!

Lamborghini Murcielago Stats
Upkeep : $0
Attack : 20
Defense : 6
Not Purchasable - Sells for $500,000

Save Money - Hughes 500 Helicopter

Many of the newest items for Mobsters have a huge hourly upkeep. The Hughes 500 Helicopter leads the way (other than the Cold War-Era Gunboat) when it comes to hourly upkeep (it also ties with the Small Police Escort). 20 of these helicopters are needed to Raid the Lockheed Research Lab to earn one Exoskeleton.

The helicopter's daily upkeep is nearly three times its cost. If you take a defensive posture or you are only on once a day, consider selling your helicopters and repurchasing them when you return back online. It takes just over eight hours (8 hours x $600,000 upkeep = $4,800,000) to earn the purchase price of a helicopter. So whenever you know you will be away for over eight hours, sell the helicopter and save the money!